Furniture Management & Installation

Our furniture management solution provides our clients with a complete process for getting the most use out of their existing furniture. We work with our clients to evaluate their current process and discuss best practices to develop the most cost effective solution for managing their furniture based on their furniture life expectancy. We will manage your furniture from receipt of order, verification of product and condition off of specification sheets, space design, storage, transportation, installation and de-installation to repurposing.


We have three furniture warehouses which make up 200K sq ft of rack and floor storage with 20 dock bays. All furniture is scanned into our on-line inventory management system for quick, easy and secure access via the web 24/7.


We have a full service processing center which includes services such as, cut-down of panels and work surfaces, re-molding of work surfaces, re-fabrication of panels, steam cleaning or dry cleaning of panels and upholstered chairs, along with touch up of wood and painted furniture.


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