The move went so smoothly and the staff was super nice and helpful. I snuck in at noon the day of the move and people were offering to help above and beyond. It was really nice. I just wanted to thank you for making that easy on the team and handling everything on the move for us. They were bummed at first, but everyone is settling in.

Jill | Large Software Development Company in Downtown San Jose, CA.



The Paris move was a huge success! Our WPR person, Alice, liked the movers a lot and said they were very helpful. She wants them back when we move to our new location in Montmartre at the end of the year. It was so nice to be able to have that one person to talk to and everything from computer disconnect/reconnect, sanitizing of the keyboard and mouse, and move of contents and furniture installation all completed on schedule. Good job and thanks!

Lori | Large Network Design Firm HQ in Sunnyvale, CA.



You have no idea how thankful I am that I ran into you at the taco place at Santana Row! Thanks so much for helping us to get through these moves the past couple of months. NO WAY could we have done it so well without your team. Your Project Manager was great to have on the team as his expertise if knowing what could happen in these large multiple phased moves has saved us many times over. Your computer techs were a great support. It was so nice to have the systems wiped down and cleaned and wires all wrapped up neatly in the back. The employee were really amazed when they returned to work. Thank you again and again.

Justine | Large Security Software Company in Cupertino, CA.



Sam from Construction Management from the College Project called me today to compliment your team, she went on and on about how they did such a good job, she mentioned each by name and said this was the best team she has ever had from any moving company.

Greg | South Bay Area Construction Company



I just wanted to let you know that Freddy and the team did an awesome job yesterday, A+, the client was side by side with the team the whole time as was I, they were calm, cool and collected, very professional and knowledgeable, the client was very impressed, complimented them several times.

The client wants to bring that same team back for an official move this Thursday, please pass the compliments on to the team.

Steve | Animation Company in Emeryville, CA.



I did have a great weekend, and it is really because of your awesome installers. I realize I sing Dannah's and Ampelio's praises so often that its redundant. However, they both accommodated a rush project for an EVP this weekend that allowed Dianne to save face with the executive. We found out at 2:00pm on Friday afternoon that work in the executive's office needed to be done on Sunday, and both Dannah and Ampelio jumped in to do the work without hesitation. They were here all day Sunday with great attitudes and professionalism (as always). The executive is happy, Dianne is happy, and I am grateful that I get to work with this crew.

Sharon | Disk Drive Manufacturer in Scotts Valley, CA



The move went well. You guys did a great job. Very professional, efficient and service oriented. Your team got in and did the job and got out asking if there was anything else they can do for us. It was awesome! Thanks the help.

Captain Joe | Police Department in East Bay



I want to take a moment to acknowledge Freddy Rosas and his team. Far too often we take for granted the team behind the scenes that work diligently to make our work flow smoother. I grabbed Freddy Monday morning to tell him I need my monitor and station set up and I had to have my “old” chair. Although chairs were not included in the move, this chair was special and I need it to manage through sitting 6-10 hours a day.

Freddy pick up my chair on one of his trips back from Building 9 and set up my entire work station in 5 minutes. This made the move and the start of my new station quite easy. Please do let Freddy and his team know they did a fantastic job.

Diane | Worldwide Workflow Software Company in Palo Alto, CA



I wanted to let you know that this has been the smoothest running move we have ever experienced. We were skeptical about trying the unit priced single source solutions as it is out of our normal process. We were sold by that this would create a savings by bundling the services but wanted to really see it on paper after the job was completed. Your company was so thorough, professional and helpful throughout the process from the Project Management team down to the movers. Everyone was so polite and actually asked at the end of a long day of working to get 800 employees contents, computers and furniture moved over and installed, “Is there anything else we can help you with”. I was really amazed! Our employees came in from their weekend, sat down and unpacked and starting working that same morning. All the computers were up and running and back wires neatly wrapped with wire management. All the boxes and chairs where set up to easily unpack. We even had a nice note on our desk welcoming us to our new office with a chocolate treat. We have never had this type of service before. 

Sandy | Large Software Workflow Development Company in Fremont, CA.



Thank you Pam for support you have given our company all over the World with your Project Management Team. It is great to know that I can call on you to take a project from start to finish when I can not be there. Your ability to take pictures and your iPad inventory solutions app really helps for me to make decisions on the spot as if I was there with the team. I don’t know any other company out there that does that. Knowing I can rely on you and your team to meet our Corporate expectations is worth the money you save us on projects. Thanks again.

Steve | Large Optical Fiber Company in Milpitas, CA.



Overall, Moving Solutions performed up to all expectations. Moving Solutions’ team members were professional, courteous and knew what needed to be done and how to do it. Of particular note was when unexpected problems arose, they became fully engaged in identifying a solution and implementing the agreed upon solution. During the first two phases, Moving Solutions completed the relocation services ahead of schedule and each department was completely operational prior to the 8:00 a.m. deadline. The third relocation phase was completed significantly ahead of schedule with the datacenter being completely operational by 10:00 p.m. Saturday night. With the exception of one failed power supply during phase 1 and one failed hard disk drive during phase 3, no other equipment failures were noted. Additionally, not one piece of equipment was damaged during any of the moves – a commendable accomplishment. 

In conclusion, I highly recommend Moving Solutions, Inc. for providing datacenter relocation services. Moving Solutions completely lived up to their claim:

“Moving Solutions knows the sensitivity and high level of importance this type of move consists of. As this type of move is the heart of all business units we understand what it takes to successfully plan this type of migration and relocation.”

I am happy to make this recommendation and would make use of Moving Solutions, Inc. again in the future to provide technology moving services.

Richard | Information Systems Manager – County Officer



Your team as well as yourself did an outstanding job. I appreciated everything from the coordination, to the delivery, and even the changes. You stepped up and provided us with top notch service. With that said, I Thank You!



Oto made sure those shelves aren’t going to fall. He himself showed leadership to his team, that is a top notch employee. MS needs to put him on every job.

Joan - Fortune 500 Company